Some of the website hosting services we provide. Sites are hosted on  Sun Microsystems SunFire enterprise servers running Debian Linux, and all sites have cooperative/shared access to all machine resources if no other images need them - up to 16 2Ghz+ 64 bit cpu cores and 128 GB of ram, and 50000 IO transactions/s or 500 MB/s to Raid 1 disk.

Client hosting software includes:

  • Drupal: the most widely deployed Content Management System (CMS) for website hosting. The site you are currently viewing uses Drupal.
  • Joomla: another popular CMS
  • Wordpress: originally for bloggers,  Wordpress has evolved into a full CMS
  • MediaWiki: the Web's most popular wiki software; used by Wikipedia and many other sites.

... as well as all other software included in a modern Linux hosting environment, and custom installation of the software of your choice is not a problem. For more info on hosting, please send a message via the Contact link. 


A few trios for flute, violin and guitar. We've adapted a fair number of works for this combination of instruments, and we hope to eventually compile them into a 'gig book.' Each score has a preview page, a link to a high-quality PDF for printing, and a MIDI file for playing along with. 

The scores were engraved using Lilypond, an automated expert system for music notation that attempts to eliminate the mechanical look of  commercial music notation software. Lilypond produces scores that rival the beauty of the hand-engraved scores of bygone days.

The front-end typesetting system is our own OMET, a web application for collaborating on high- quality score rendering. It's in a perpetual state of experimental development and is more a proof-of-concept rather than a stable website, but I'm adding gradually documentation  and removing bugs. As a Lilypond 'cloud', it's quite functional as is.


  • started music studies with father Everett at the age of 6, beginning with the recorder and followed by the trumpet and, at age 12, the guitar
  • continued guitar studies at the University of Ottawa under Michael Strutt
  • acquired first computer in 1980 (Tandy Coco) and began computer programming, focusing on the music potential of microprocessors


  • 30+ years performance experience, both solo and in chamber ensembles
  • in 1994, launched Amnesty International's first official website, in partnership with the International Secretariat; served as the organization's website administrator until 2003
  • from 1996 until 2003, served as web developer and systems administrator for Ontario Internet Link, an early Canadian Internet Service Provider
  • 2003 - 2008: DIrector of Information Technology, Bynet Holdings Corp.
  • 2008 - currently: Self-employed

20 years professional experience in all facets of Internet site development, with a focus on back-end leveraging of Linux system utilities for custom web solutions